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Think Yourself Well
I know it sounds radical, coming from a doctor. When people are doing everything "right" -- eating veggies, avoiding red meat and processed foods, exercising, sleeping well and so forth -- we should expect them to live long, prosperous lives and die of old age while peacefully slumbering, right? So why is it that so many health nuts are sicker than other people who pig out, guzzle beer and park in front of the TV?

The Spiritual Power of Flowers 
The practice of sending flowers is as old as civilization itself. Flowers, with all their infinite variety and beauty, carry meanings outside of the rational and material experience. Because they are alive, they are like us, temporary passengers on an exhilarating ride. But they are also connected to parts of nature that we never experience. They arise from the soil and enjoy being out in the rain and the sun. They use animals to pollinate and keep the planet alive in the process.


Theresa Caputo -  Real or Fake?
LCís Long Island Medium seems to get right to the emotional core of the people she visits and seems to know things that only the spirits of their dead loved ones could know. But, is she for real? Are any psychic mediums for real? Of course, since this is a TV show, any misses Theresa makes can easily be edited out. Like other pop culture mediums Miss Cleo, John Edward, and Sylvia Browne...

A 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy named Padihershef came out of his coffin Friday to go to the hospital 
Well, actually, he had already been there for a while. The mummy has been on display at Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the nation's oldest, since it received him as a gift from the city of Boston in 1823 as a medical oddity. He is one of the first complete mummies brought to the United States.

The History of the Occult (PHOTOS) 
According to Wikipedia (the most reliable disource of information I've yet to encounter) the Occult (from the Latin word occultus "clandestine, hidden, secret") means "knowledge of the hidden." It also describes a number of magical organizations or orders, the teachings and practices taught by them, and to a large body of current and historical literature and spiritual philosophy related to this subject. Well, that's close enough for me. But how far back does all this spooky stuff go? When did they start spelling "magic" "magick"?

UFO sightings have doubled in Canada  
How to explain the stunning increase in UFO reports ó which have more than doubled in Canada in the last year? Are observers simply seeing the orange glow of Chinese lanterns floating aloft? Are they inspired by guitar-strumming Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to gaze skyward, seeking the bright light of the orbiting space station and seeing other strange phenomena?   

Jim Carrey to Publish "Metaphysical Children's Book"
Jim Carrey, now 51, is releasing his first children's book, How Roland Rolls, in September.  "He is such a vibrant, dynamic actor who brings amazingly vivid characters to life, and I think children will respond to the energy and enthusiasm he has brought to 'How Roland Rolls,'" Sabrina McCarthy, president of Perseus Distribution Client Services, said in a statement (via Reuters).  

Video for your ears: What do planets sound like?
Hereís something you donít hear everyday. This video presents NASA Space Sounds, giving you an idea of what different objects in our solar system might sound like, if you could hear them. More specifically, itís a translation of electromagnetic vibrations from various planetary environments into sound.  

The Light & Shade of Modern Paganism 
Modern Paganism (and by extension British Traditional Witchcraft which is what Iím an adherent of) is not all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows; sometimes it carries a little darkness with it, and I like that. How many other modern faiths have a major holiday dedicated to the dead crossing back over into this world?

The Marvelous World of Icelandic Herbs 
I think it is important not to forget the old knowledge about herbs and its effects since it makes so much sense working with what Mother Nature gave us for free. And after reading both books I feel so much wiser. Not only are there many, many herbs in Iceland that can be used as remedies, but they are also edible.   read


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Dreams and Their Meanings  - Why do we dream? Dreams are chances to eavesdrop on a conversation between our unconscious and conscious minds offering us opportunities to understand ourselves better and achieve greater inner harmony. 

Fragrant Oils in Magical and Spiritual Work  - The power of scent, and the virtues of the oils of various plants, have been recognized by religious and magical practitioners since ancient times. Whether through the inducement of subtle and powerful sensory memory, or the direct stimulation of the body and nervous system through chemical reaction, scented oils can help to shift consciousness and enhance psycho-spiritual well-being.

Dream Interpretation - Warnings in Dreams  - Perhaps you don't consider the meaning of your dreams something important, and you don't even care about them.

Soul Mates and Twin Spirits - What Are They Really?  - Many of us have had a distinctive experience of having met someone for the first time, someone with whom we feel we are incontrovertibly connected deep within our souls.

Of Pentagrams and Witches  - These days, a pentagram has many meanings and connotations. People often think that the pentagram is an evil sign. Many Christians, and indeed much of the Western world, associate it with Satanism and witchcraft. 

Meditation - Your Route To Peace  - A few years ago if someone had asked me whether or not I would consider using meditation as part of my daily routine I would have laughed. Who was I to need meditation? After all I had TV Programmes to watch, Playstations to play, Music to listen to, Magazines to read, Friends to chatter with and everything else under the sun. I didn't need meditation. Or so I thought.

The Law of Attraction - Five Ways To Make It Work For You!  - "I don't get it. I mean it's just mind boggling to me! Its like every time she thinks about what she wants, it appears." With some emotional exclamation, Mary questioned, "How does she do that?"

Acquiring Spiritual Wealth Will Greatly Enrich Your Life  - Spiritual wealth is wealth that derives from knowledge. To gain spiritual wealth entails acquiring spiritual knowledge. Facts and information about the spiritual aspect of life are what constitute spiritual knowledge. 

Owls and Superstitions  - Superstitions surrounding owls have a long and ancient history. These nocturnal creatures often appear in horror mystery films, have been associated with dark, haunting night themes, and grace our Halloween dťcor each fall. Their wide staring eyes give them a wise appearance, while the ability to turn their head around makes them fascinating and mysterious creatures.

Witchcraft & Christianity  - With the recent political controversy over the United States Army permitting pagan services to be held on military bases in Texas and around the world, the question suddenly has more than its usual immediacy for me and for my brothers and sisters in Wicca.

Spirit / Automatic Writing  - Automatic or spirit writing is the practice of writing while channeling messages from the spirit realm.  Those on the Other Side are sometimes strong enough to "push" textual messages across the veil.







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