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The following is a basic color guide with correspondences align with many of the paths. The guide can be used for color work, spelling, ritual, chakra alignment and many other areas. Best with references to seek many sources and compile that which feels right for you.

Black - corresponds to the Cabala at Binah (or Compassion) and shows a dominion over the underworld. It is the color that absorbs all others, thereby rendering it the sum of its parts. This lends strength for certain types of spiritual work. Scrying and divination are enhanced for many practitioners when wearing black. It is the color of hidden power and the strength of the Inner Self, just as the Self is made up of the sum of Its parts.

Blue - corresponds to the Cabala at Chesed (or Mercy). Most often used for the alleviation of emotional stress (thus illness) and to sort out emotional difficulties such as impatience, anger and jealousy. Stress in the soul creates stress in the body, resulting in sickness. Blue is a healing color.

Red - corresponds to the Cabala at Geburah (or Strength). This is a color of force. It is the color of the Mother stage of development and is representative of birth and the birthing process. Red lends power to the intent as a neutral force. It combines its negative and positive to keep in check or restrain that which is unwanted.

Green - corresponds to the Cabala at Netzach (or Victory). Accomplishments, work opportunities and achievements are all aspects of green. Best known for its prosperity properties, green probes much deeper, to the Self and a sense of pride.

Yellow - corresponds to the Cabala at Tiphareth (or Beauty). Yellow radiates high levels of pure energy. This revitalizing power energizes the tired spirit. It is an infuser. A yellow candle may always be used to enhance the absorption of color work in general.

Reddish Brown - corresponds to the Cabala at Malkuth (or the Lower Kingdom). The Lower Kingdom represents the mundane world. The world of humans. Of the planet and below the dark earth. Use this color for attention, alertness and awareness.

Silver & Gold - correspond to the Cabala at Kether (or the godhead). The colors of the deities or female/male principles. Silver as the feminine principle and gold as the masculine. They are the colors rich in power and acceptance of the male and female present in each human being.

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