New Age Gifts have Transformative Properties   

by Chris Robertson

The New Age movement recognizes the transformative power of stones and crystals. The giving of New Age gifts, however, has a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations. Amethyst, for example, played significant roles in Greek and Egyptian history, and makes several appearances in the Old Testament of the Bible. Quartz was utilized by the Chinese Ming Dynasty, and was an integral component of Aztec, Mayan, and Incan societies.

The next time you have an occasion to give a gift, you may want to consider visiting a New Age store or Metaphysical gifts store. A New Age rock shop may have the perfect crystal or stone for your gift recipient. Often, New Age stores set crystals and stones in wire wrap jewelry or other types of accessories. Your recipient will surely be pleased with the thought you put into his or her gift.

Different stones and crystals have different healing properties. Use this guide to find the appropriate gift for your recipient.

Agate allows you to perceive situations clearly and is a conduit for inspiration from the spiritual world.

Amethyst helps you find and maintain your spiritual center and tap into your inner peacefulness.

Aquamarine helps clarify your intellectual powers and assists your reasoning and spiritual awareness.

Calcite amplifies your energy and can help your recall when doing astral work and channeling.

Celestite assists in bringing harmony to your energy, your charkas, and your life. It can also help you communicate with your angels.

Citrine can help you attract prosperity and release your anger.

Fluorite brings discernment to matters of the heart and can help you remain calm during confrontations.

Girasol can help with your psychic healing and assist in dream work and visualization.

Jet can help with an array of physical ailments, including depression, migraines, colds and autoimmune problems.

Labradorite can assist in eliminating self-doubt and fear, and can protect your aura.

Malachite can help you clarify your emotions and reasoning, and helps smooth difficult transitions.

Pyrite has many protective qualities, and can help keep negative energies at bay. It also promotes physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

Quartz is the key to harmony, and focuses and transforms energy. It can be used to strengthen your aura.

Selenite can help bring clarity to your sense of self-awareness and to your surroundings. It can also attract prosperity and be used in past life and future life awareness.

Using this guide, appropriate New Age gifts for business owners might include citrine or selenite. If your friend is going through a difficult transition, you could find a gift that incorporates malachite at a Metaphysical gifts store. New Age gifts of jet could help a sick friend make a speedy recovery. And those who do spiritual work would surely appreciate a gift of wire wrap jewelry that includes girasol.

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