Basic Protection For Your Home

In the mundane world, we can protect our homes from many things. We buy insurance, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. We install safe locks and we kid-proof. We even put together emergency kits for “acts of god”. 

Should the protection end there? No. The unseen energy in your home plays a huge part in the overall protection your home affords. Too often, we forget that with just a few minutes a day, we can create a boundary so powerful, neither unseen nor seen may penetrate. 

The first necessity in protecting your home is intent. Intent is and remains the first factor of the unseen powers that reside in every human being. With the right intent, we can work miracles. With the right intent, we can project ourselves and our energy. Focus, stay focused while you employ these devices and your protection will be strong and sure.

Salt is a probably considered to be number one in items of protection. Salt renders all the powers of the element earth and because of its natural cube shape, it holds negativity in and can be discarded easily. Sprinkle salt across doorways and windowsills. Any entry or exit portal from your home is open to negative energy entering. Close them. Seal them with intent. Do a parameter walk of your property and leave a trail of salt around the entire area (if feasible). The barrier erected by the salt is tough and resilient. It repels that which is unfamiliar. 

Directionals are an important factor in protection. Directionals can be any symbol, color, herb, stone or element which represents the directions. North is earth, South is fire, East is air and West is water. If possible, have some kind of symbolism residing in the appropriate quadrants of your homestead. With these in place, a circle is created; the quadrants blending at their outside edge. When the elements are allowed to “bleed” into the next, the result is a network of enhanced protection webs. 

Stones and crystals provide amazing power when treated with the respect they deserve. A crystal garden is ideal for home protection. You choose the needs for your home that will be represented in this garden. You put the energy and creativity into building it and maintaining the atmosphere of it. Make sure it has @{rose quartz}@ included. Rose quartz is a crystal of protection. Tension in a home can cause rips in the web around your home. Tension allows negativity to slip in unnoticed and feed it. Rose quartz helps to relax the tension in your home, therefore strengthening the web.

Home decor and enhancement plays a part in the home’s balances and energy. Check out some feng shui sites to see how altering slightly the color or decor can enable an arsenal of protection. Techniques as simple as pretty wind chimes can make a difference. 

Your blessing goes hand in hand with intent. It is paramount that you have intent; it is the icing on the cake that you have a heartfelt blessing for the space you live in. The words take the blessing to the cosmos. Not only does a blessing serve to enhance your protection work, it also serves to remind you that through your own power and energy, this need will be met.

Finally, for protection in a gentle and entirely interactive way, a cup of tea works wonders. Sit quietly at sunrise with a cup of apple/cinnamon, or berry and orange tea. Sip it slowly as you face the rising sun and ask for the protection you require. Ask it of the grandest symbol of fire in our existence. Fire will strengthen and enhance all other methods. But the tea will warm your soul, reducing tension and enabling the power inside you.

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