Developing Psychometric Touch

Developing a talent such as psychometric touch (or the sensory interpretation of an objectís vibrations), you must patiently practice, just like any other pursuit. However, in the long run the effort is well worth it as you become more and more able to read a personís emotions, personality traits and often, the coming events of that personís life, through an object of theirs.

When you work with the method described here, you will need both a candle, and a piece of crystal which has been stored in the freezer for a time. It does not matter in what order you do this exercise, but remember that it may take several attempts to distinguish between the heat of the flame and the cold of the crystal. You will eventually know which you are picking up, but as with all learning, it takes time. Be patient with yourself and follow the method.

Sit quietly in a semi-dark room with a table in front of you. Place the candle or crystal on a piece of white cloth or the table. White cloth is preferred because it will reflect rather than absorb the energy. Place your hands on either side of the candle or crystal, far enough away so they feel nothing. Rest your arms on the table and get comfortable, as you must now focus carefully. Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Continue to breath your Self into the relaxed and receptive Alpha state. Focus your attention on the palms of your hands and completely slip into that spot. Feel and imprint on your mind what the palms of your hands feel. Remain focused on this for a good length of time. The longer you can maintain this, the better the next try will be.

Now, move your hands just a little toward each other. Do the palms of your hands feel the same? Make note of any change in your impressions or have someone who might assist you, write the impressions down. Continue to move your hands a bit closer and note the sensations you feel. Do this until you either feel the temperature of the flame or stone, or until you are weary. I cannot give you any detailed description of what you will experience when you are drawing in energy rather than the temperature. The change is subtle so you must keep an eye. But I guarantee that you will know. Awareness comes with patience and practice. Psychic abilities are no different than any other form of training. They take time.

After you begin to feel the actual vibration from the flame or the stone, practice on items from people around you. The energy of the person added to the energy of the item, becomes an interesting mix to focus upon. This will further develop your ability and will demonstrate to you the wide variety of emanations that come from objects and people.

Psychic work is a must for anyone studying the occult sciences, no matter the path. ďVisualizationĒ is the psychic architecture. Your psyche must take in information that your conscious mind feeds it and build a picture of what is required. It takes focus and stamina, but is ultimately well worth the effort.

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