Basic Scent and Flavor Guide

Scent can create a powerful atmosphere. For meditation, magic, creativity and healing. A particular scent can evoke memories, primal desires and calm. Scent is more a part of life than many realize. The following is a basic guide to scents. 

As a well-used scent, Jasmine provides strength in matters of spiritual love and money. It has a soothing effect on the inner-self and lends its scent well to meditation and contemplation. You may experience dreams of a visionary nature, thus triggering further thought processes. Pay close attention. Jasmine acts as a conduit for knowledge you are given from sources not always distinct. Jasmine is of the feminine principle and is ruled by the moon. Any moon ritual or meditation will be enhanced by the scent of jasmine.

Also feminine with the moon as ruler, Sandalwood is a necessary item in your spiritual cupboard because of its potent protection properties. As a sealer for entrances, gently blow the smoke of sandalwood around the doors and windows of your home, or leave some to burn in the entryways. Sandalwood powder mixed with your potting soil adds strength to the plant's root system. Sprinkle the powder lightly at the four corners of your property, calling on the moon as an energy source for the shield you build to reflect negativity away from your home.

Is an extraordinarily potent masculine scent ruled by the sun. Burned as protection, it's unequalled. In a sick room (not burned, merely its presence) it will help to dispel the negative energy of the illness itself. Cinnamon can be used for love work. And lends great strength to any lusty venture. (Specialty coffees dressed with a cinnamon stick for e.g.. )

As a feminine scent, ruled by Venus, rose stands out as a scent to be reckoned with in relation to love. When doing a reading or divination, use rose oil or rose incense for more clarity in matters of the heart. Let the under-essence of the scent capture you as you divine the images. The expression "rose colored glasses" has a distinct meaning within the scent experience. Rose picks up the spirit, sooths the angered soul and relaxes a space. 

Mars rules this incredibly strong scent. Masculine and potent, pine has many facets. The two strongest, in this writer's opinion, are prosperity and ridding an area of spiritual interference. This may be exactly why pine is used at Yule/Christmas. Unconsciously, people may be aware of a "clean" feeling about their home during this time. An uncluttering, if you prefer.

As a scent to attract lusty ventures, Patchouli certainly ranks up there with the most potent. A feminine scent ruled by Saturn, Patchouli brings out an almost primal evocation of memories for some people. When mixed two parts patchouli to one part sandalwood, it makes a lovely scent for women. Using the essential oil Patchouli, some find it unpleasantly "turpentine" smelling. Depending on your purpose, patchouli can be mixed with many other oils to take the edge off the scent itself. It works well with sandalwood, poppy oil and musk.

As fiery Saffron's color shows, the Sun rules this masculine scent. It has healing powers, but its extraordinary vein of strength lies in its power to greatly enhance psychic work. Any type of exercise of the psyche is made more powerful by burning saffron. The power (prohibitively expensive some areas) is well-added to incense mixtures which will be used for divination, dreams and channeling.

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