Crystals and Stones

All herb, stones, crystals and minerals from the Earth have vibratory rates differing from anything else in the universe. The inherent energy of crystals and stones is not only a healing energy but an enhancement to your own. This energy is not a matter of faith in a particular “earth based” religion, nor is it dependent on the beliefs of the reader. Vibrations in tune with the heavens and Earth, because of their origins, count crystals as ancient power sources.

Put these strong and intense energies to work for you. Use crystals for meditation, healing, calm, strength, memory, dreams and concentration. Purification, prosperity and so many more benefits come from the use of crystals in your life.

There are many ways to use stones and crystals. Each has its unique atmosphere and many work for many things. The art to crystal use is the comfort with which you handle your stones. The psyche that reaches for the stone and bonds with it. As you hold the piece, you feel its energy meshing with your own, creating an unseen web around it and you.

The most common method to crystal use is holding the stone or placing it on an affected area for healing, strength or mind and psychic work, such as placing it over the place of the third eye and meditating “through” the stone. So long as the crystal is “charged” by holding it between your palms, it can be used in this method for many things.

Charging the stone as described above, not only creates the bond I spoke of, but also starts the release of the crystal’s energy. Stones have dormant times. While in the earth, they store energy. Once released from their place in the caves, they release the stored energy intermittently. When the warmth of human skin surrounds them, they respond by emitting energy into that warmth. Stones are cold as a rule and when you pick one up, if you feel a warmth from it, buy it. It’s an instant bond that is unusual and precious.

Another method to making the best use of your crystals and stones is by constructing a fountain featuring them as part of the flow. Crystals (earth) combined with the water element can enhance the powers of each to an unbelievable degree. I have a fountain in my living room. One of the small table fountains. Mine combines three elements as its center piece is a tall black candle holder. The water comes up from underneath, trails along the curved wrought iron of the candle holder and falls over the stones and crystals below. I’ve even added some moss, which thrives on the constant drink. The candle provides the Fire element. This type of set up, by its very construction also includes Air. Flame must have oxygen to burn and the movement of the water creates air movement around the stones. Not to mention the oxygen given off by the moss.

Placing crystals at the base of your potted plants serves two purposes. First, it strengthens the plant and second, the earth tends to help cleanse the crystal. This, of course, is on a small scale. If you have, for example, a stone which was used in a healing, it should be cleansed in one of three ways. A) held under naturally running water, such as a stream or brook. B) let sit on a patch of earth outside or C) let sit in the moonlight at a window through the day before, the day of, and the day following the full. There are other ways to cleanse a stone but these three will give you an idea of how simple it can be.

A crystal and stone garden is an absolutely beautiful addition to any altar area or home. A large flat tray, dish or planter, silica sand (comes in colors or natural) and you have a garden. Place the stones in a way comfortable to you. Use the garden as a way to relax. Rearrange it, tend it and meditate on it. Much the same way that Zen uses the art of raking a Zen garden.

Finally, use your stones as placement tools. If a child is having bad dreams, place the appropriate stone near his bed to help him relax. Include him in the choice of stone and place. It will reinforce the stone’s power to dispel such dreams. Place a stone near the entrance to keep negativity out of your space. You get the idea.

Crystals are one of the Earth’s most beautiful treasures. Diamonds and precious stones are lovely. But semi-precious and common stones have unique and powerful energy. If you handle your stones with comfort and ease, keep them clean and liberally displayed, you will find that the energy around them will permeate your home and those living there, enhancing the magic in your life.


The Crystals - Basics

Here is a list of good stones to begin your crystal journeys.  Choose each according to how it feels in your hands.  Close your eyes and open yourself to sensing that web around you.  If it isn’t there, move on the next one.  Comfort is the key.  You must feel comfortable with each stone you choose. 


A stone of the most intense shades of purple to be found, the amethyst will draw your force in and wrap itself around you with a blanket of healing.  It will aid you in your meditations and relaxation.  And will boost rituals and celebrations where ancient wisdom is sought. 


The brilliant green of this crystal lends itself perfectly to prosperity and work opportunity meditations.  Use its strong tangible forces to better your chances for job related help and assistance.


A stone used for any healing pertaining to bleeding or the blood system of our bodies.  Prevents miscarriage, hemorrhages and severe bleeding, dangerous clotting and lends power to positive surgical outcomes.  Use also when purification is necessary.  Its rhythms match that of the moon.


This vivid orange-brown crystalline piece is one of the finest balancers available.  It harmonizes an imbalanced household and soothes the decision making process.

Clear Quartz

This stone strengthens the cords attaching  you to the cosmos.  Its power is that of tuning into the music of the spheres.  It is a stone used commonly in jewelry as wearing it will strengthen your ability to see the symbols and signals the higher powers send to you.  Your eyes will be open.

Rose Quartz

Peace is the foundation of this rosy crystal.  Its abundance makes it the ideal choice for the beginning crystal gardener.  It relaxes the atmosphere of your home and tension is released.

Tiger Eye

A common stone, but a powerful one.  The strength of this piece is its greatest attribute.  It sends its user strength, courage, calm and clear-headedness.  It is a wonderful gift for students and academics.  it is a thinking stone and should be placed at personal work stations.

Tourmaline (black)

This deep black stone protects you and your environment from negative influences and personalities.  It should be used in purification rituals, in areas of your living or working environment which are not entirely comfortable.  It draws the negativity into itself and should be thoroughly cleansed after each use. 


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