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Living life as a teenage witch is a lot like being the invisible man, unless of course you live in a community where witches are widely accepted, then youíre doing fine. Being different all my life, knowing things werenít quite as mundane as everyone saw, to grow past the age of imaginary friends and still see apparitions, it is a lonely existence. Even now, as an adult, 19, I am still very alone. I have a boyfriend, heís wonderful and understanding, but he doesnít really believe in the same things I do, so that part of my life is more quiet when heís around.

I have always been a solitary witch. I donít think that a group of people, unless you find the right people, can really all have the same concept of what magic is. Magic is such a personal thing. But back to the solitary-ness. There are many people out there, I used to be one of them (still am, in a way) who believe they are totally isolated because of their beliefs. Young witches are especially vulnerable to loneliness when their religion is practiced in secret, perhaps because their parents donít believe in the Craft or because they donít think their friends will understand. We are all alone though, fellow children of the universe. We connect very rarely with people, truly connect, but the rest of the time, weíre on our own. It is in that aloneness where the higher power can be found.

Knowing those things as a young teenager though, is a trying and painful experience, but one that makes me who I am today. I couldnít really make friends because I couldnít understand why they obsessed over clothes, hair and boys. They couldnít understand why I didnít. Quite an impasse.

As a witch these days, I keep my opinions to myself, unless I know they will be met with an open mind, which is a rare trait in some people. I have had people become hostile towards me because I am different, grown adults no less. Thatís very much the way it was at school. Funny how some people just never grow up.

No one else knows what you see, your visions are yours alone, they are the gifts of the spirit that resides in everything. Not everyone can see past the veil of normality that society has placed over our eyes. The magic is not all gone from the world. You just have to know where to look. Keep that secret locked in your heart and donít let others spoil the enchantment for you.

Copyright 2001 - G. Madar



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