How To Create A Spiritual Temple

Sacred space is perhaps something that few of us actually feel we have the area to accommodate. We think in terms of a room or corner of a room that, once cleansed, would feel perfect for our spiritual work. However, sacred space is a ďmust haveĒ for any who consider meditation or spiritual work a part of daily life.

Life is busy, home space is full or in short supply. So what do you do? Here are a few unique types of temples, all workable and all designed for efficient use of the space you have. Construct your temple, cleanse it and use the power it will draw. Temples have a psychological effect as well as energizing our soul. We let the mundane world drift into the background as we reconnect with the power within us. Feed your soul. Give your soul the space it needs to grow within you. Compliment your spiritual self by setting up a sacred spot.

- The Corner Temple - usually constructed in the corner of a room, using a triangular shelf set up for efficient space. The main shelf should be roomy enough to accommodate a bowl of some kind or chalice, a small container of salt and perhaps an incense burner and pair of candles. Make absolutely sure the candles have plenty of room above them for fire safety. Use a smaller shelf, mounted much further up, for storage of magical temple items that you donít need to display on the main temple altar, such as a bell, censor or herb/parchment/ink storage.

- The Kitchen Temple - often if we try, we can make space in a kitchen, on shelves, cabinets, microwave stands or windowsills. Placement of candles, little pots of herbs, a cheer water container and perhaps a small bouquet of fresh flowers can help convert a tired old spot into a vibrant area of light and peace. Kitchens naturally lend themselves to cheery and nature-based design. Make sure to incorporate herbs of your choice, wheat as an earth representation and water or tea. I use the most wonderful sun/moon tea pot for my water container. It lends itself to my kitchen magical area.

- The Temple Bath - nothing is such a treat as a long hot bath with all of the surrounding atmospheric enhancements. To sink into the water element, immerse yourself in the heat, inhale the lavender aromatherapy candle and let your mind and soul relax entirely. Work out something with the space around the tub itself. With a little ingenuity you can do wonders with odd places. Incorporate hanging shelves and use the three-tiered wire basket to place your sacred items. I use one that I hang from the shower rod that surrounds our tub. In the small top basket, Iíve placed a mesh pouch of herbs I like. The steam from the bath rises and releases the herbsí scents. In the second, I have bath items such as aromatherapy packets, body washes and such. In the largest basket, I have a stoppered bottle of purified water to rinse with, an incense cone holder and cones and a spare unlit candle. The candles I do light are well away from any material or overhead obstruction.

- The Window Temple - one space often overlooked is the window sill. Along with the sill, you get light, both sunlight and (usually at a specific time of year) moonlight. If you are lucky enough to have four inch sills or more, you can place an altar nicely there. Hang packets of herbs or stones from the window frames, use a long narrow container to do a crystal garden and grow a plant or two in that window. These lend the earth element as well as fresh oxygen for maximum space cleansing. If you really want to fancy it up, use stained glass or other semi-transparent hanging decorations for your window. Prisms are wonderful and draw light in through magical angles, creating rainbows in your home.

As you can see, temple space is not hard to achieve once you put your mind to it. Using oddly shaped shelves, crates, nooks and crannies, you can create a place of tranquility and escape for your head, your heart and your soul.

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