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The Urban Primitive
Paganism in the Concrete Jungle
by Raven Kaldera, Tannin Schwarzstein
Published by Llewellyn Worldwide


Urban Primitive offers pagans something only few pagan writers have touched on... life as a pagan while living in a city.  

While maintaining a residence in an urban population, many pagans find it difficult to feel that "touch" with the Earth and nature. We can seek to fill our shelves with plants, collect items from the country and disguise our homes in country garb. But when it comes right down to it, we know we reside in the city and often feel frantic to distance ourselves. 

Urban Primitive gives pagans a chance and choice to find joy and live in urban communities while feeling that glorious touch of the pagan divine. This book spells out what is needed insofar as attitude, equipment and perspective to get along with the concrete gods. Humor scattered throughout the book make this some of the most enjoyable reading this reviewer has seen. The Triple Goddess of the city is a don't-miss section of the volume, discussing offerings for parking spaces, living spaces and more.

Urban Primitive goes that step further to enable the city-dwelling pagan to not only come to appreciate the city and all its foibles, but to revel in the constants that make city-life what it is.

Any pagan feeling "stuck" in urban living spaces needs to spend an afternoon with this book. They will find their magical life and personal perspective enhanced and recharged, ready for anything.






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